Company Overview

A different approach to produce more bushels

When we started AgVenture, Inc. in 1983, our goal was to deliver a more personalized, highly localized approach to seed selection, agronomic expertise and year-round support.

​We are the nation’s largest network of independently owned and managed seed companies, dedicated to provide our growing network of companies with seed products that surpass industry-required standards, as well as leading-edge genetics and technology. Since our inception in 1983, this unique marketing approach has allowed each individual company to match the seed products it sells to the specific needs of the geographical area it serves. Based in Johnston, Iowa, we strive to help every farmer realize more profit from every field with professional seed representation at a local level.

Our seed product portfolio—corn, soybean, sorghum, sunflower and alfalfa—provides access to the industry’s most diverse inbred combinations and elite germplasm pools to deliver maximum yields on every acre.

Seed, solutions and success at the local level

The AgVenture network is made up of Independent Seed Companies (ISCs) which are independent, entrepreneurial businesses, committed to providing farmers in their areas with the best products, technologies, seed treatments and crop management tools available. Our ISCs are totally independent, free to conduct their business operations as they choose.

Independent Seed Company owners share a deep knowledge of the seed business and a desire to make a difference in their local economies by boosting the profitability of local farmers. ISCs have access to hundreds of products, allowing them to choose the most effective hybrids and varieties for their local geography.

Learn more about how you can thrive by becoming an independent seed company.

Hear what farmers are saying

“I use AgVenture because of their excellent products, service, and agronomic support. When we need something they respond quickly. I can’t think of any reason why we wouldn’t use AgVenture. AgVenture stressed the importance of new technology on our farm and is helping us maximize our yield maps, soil grid maps, and fertilizer application data. I do business with AgVenture because they are very trustworthy and service oriented.”

- Kansas Farmer

“We’ve had the AgVenture Spangler 'Training Plots' for several years. The plots help us in our corn and soybean selections. For 3 generations, we have been using AgVenture Spangler products.”

- Wisconsin Farmer

“I consider everyone at AgVenture a friend and I can tell that they are really looking out for me and my farming operation. AgVenture is an easy company to work with and you cannot beat the service. When I have questions about my crops I call AgVenture and they are here right away helping me find the answer.”

- Kansas Farmer

“An AgVenture Yield Specialist showed me what my yields could be with AgVenture seed and I thought they were impossible because they were so good.”

- Nebraska Farmer