High performance for your fields

Get the latest in weed control technology with cutting-edge soybean genetics

Check out our lineup of high-performing soybeans with Enlist E3®, Roundup Ready 2 Xtend®, LibertyLink® and more industry-leading traits available in a range of maturities from 0.6 – 6.9 RM. Find your local AgVenture seed company here to see what’s available in your area.

AV09Q7E™0.9Enlist E3® SoybeanDOWNLOAD
AV11A1E™1.1Enlist E3® SoybeanDOWNLOAD
AV15A1E™1.5Enlist E3® SoybeanDOWNLOAD
AV15Y2E™1.5Enlist E3® SoybeanDOWNLOAD
AV17A1E™1.7Enlist E3® SoybeanDOWNLOAD
AV18Y1E™1.8Enlist E3® SoybeanDOWNLOAD
AV19A1E™1.9Enlist E3® SoybeanDOWNLOAD
AV20Y4E™2.0Enlist E3® SoybeanDOWNLOAD
AV22A1E™2.2Enlist E3® SoybeanDOWNLOAD
AV24A1E™2.4Enlist E3® SoybeanDOWNLOAD
AV25Y3E™2.5Enlist E3® SoybeanDOWNLOAD
AV26V8LL™2.6LibertyLink® SoybeanDOWNLOAD
AV26Y0™2.6Conventional SoybeanDOWNLOAD
AV27V0™2.7Conventional SoybeanDOWNLOAD
AV27Y1E™2.7Enlist E3® SoybeanDOWNLOAD
AV28A1E™2.8Enlist E3® SoybeanDOWNLOAD
AV28U0™2.8Conventional SoybeanDOWNLOAD
AV29A1E™2.9Enlist E3® SoybeanDOWNLOAD
AV30V8LL™3.0LibertyLink® SoybeanDOWNLOAD
AV32A1E™3.2Enlist E3® SoybeanDOWNLOAD
AV32Q0™3.2Conventional SoybeanDOWNLOAD
AV32V1E™3.2Enlist E3® SoybeanDOWNLOAD
AV33A1E™3.3Enlist E3® SoybeanDOWNLOAD
AV34Y9E™3.4Enlist E3® SoybeanDOWNLOAD
AV36A1E™3.6Enlist E3® SoybeanDOWNLOAD
AV36F2LL™3.6LibertyLink® SoybeanDOWNLOAD
AV37A1E™3.7Enlist E3® SoybeanDOWNLOAD
AV37V0™3.7Conventional SoybeanDOWNLOAD
AV37V4LL™3.7LibertyLink® SoybeanDOWNLOAD
AV38A1E™3.8Enlist E3® SoybeanDOWNLOAD
AV39Y3E™3.9Enlist E3® SoybeanDOWNLOAD
AV41Y5E™4.1Enlist E3® SoybeanDOWNLOAD
AV42A1E™4.2Enlist E3® SoybeanDOWNLOAD
AV43V6E™4.3Enlist E3® SoybeanDOWNLOAD
AV45Y8E™4.5Enlist E3® SoybeanDOWNLOAD
46V6X™4.6Roundup Ready 2 Xtend® SoybeanDOWNLOAD
AV46A1E™4.6Enlist E3® SoybeanDOWNLOAD
AV46V2E™4.6Enlist E3® SoybeanDOWNLOAD
AV47Y6E™4.7Enlist E3® SoybeanDOWNLOAD
AV49A1E™4.9Enlist E3® SoybeanDOWNLOAD
AV49F4X™4.9Roundup Ready 2 Xtend® SoybeanDOWNLOAD
AV54A1E™5.4Enlist E3® SoybeanDOWNLOAD
AV57Y2E™5.7Enlist E3® SoybeanDOWNLOAD
AV68Y8BE™6.8Enlist E3® / Bolt® SoybeanDOWNLOAD

Hear what farmers are saying

“I use AgVenture because of their excellent products, service, and agronomic support. When we need something they respond quickly. I can’t think of any reason why we wouldn’t use AgVenture. AgVenture stressed the importance of new technology on our farm and is helping us maximize our yield maps, soil grid maps, and fertilizer application data. I do business with AgVenture because they are very trustworthy and service oriented.”

- Kansas Farmer

“We’ve had the AgVenture Spangler 'Training Plots' for several years. The plots help us in our corn and soybean selections. For 3 generations, we have been using AgVenture Spangler products.”

- Wisconsin Farmer

“I consider everyone at AgVenture a friend and I can tell that they are really looking out for me and my farming operation. AgVenture is an easy company to work with and you cannot beat the service. When I have questions about my crops I call AgVenture and they are here right away helping me find the answer.”

- Kansas Farmer

“An AgVenture Yield Specialist showed me what my yields could be with AgVenture seed and I thought they were impossible because they were so good.”

- Nebraska Farmer