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Adult brown marmorated stink bug.

Adult brown marmorated stink bug. (Photo courtesy of David R. Lance, USDA APHIS PPQ,

Brown marmorated stink bugs are expanding across the Corn Belt. Adults are less than one inch long, are various shades of brown and marbled in appearance. As the name implies, these pests emit a strong order when disturbed.

All varieties of stink bugs have piercing-sucking mouth-parts that are used to puncture plants and remove nutrients. In corn, BMSB will pierce developing kernels, reducing grain fill and yield. In soybeans, BMSB will puncture developing pods, causing immature, small seeds. Heavy feeding can induce green stem and leaf retention, which impacts harvest.

In early vegetative stage corn, scout for a sequence of identical holes perpendicular to the leaf, ringed in yellow. Look for damage to the growing point that can cause suckering or deformity.

Heavy infestations can be controlled with insecticides. Because BMSB typically enters corn and soybean fields from other host plants, it may only be necessary to treat outside the affected rows.

Consult your AgVenture Yield Specialist about best management practices for your fields and to develop a treatment plan.

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