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January 19, 2023

North Carolina’s Corn Yield Record Shattered with AgVenture’s AV9916AM™

Johnston, Iowa – AgVenture, Inc. is pleased to announce a new state yield record in North Carolina. Russell Hedrick shattered the state yield record with his winning entry of 459.51 bushels per acre in the 2022 North Carolina Corn Growers Yield Contest. Hedrick, who registered his winning dryland yield with AV9916AM™, is a customer of Sweetwater Creek Seeds, an independent seed company selling AgVenture corn and soybean products, owned and operated by Clif Hardison, and based in Williamston, North Carolina.

Russell Hedrick was present with the award

Photo courtesy of Russell Hedrick

“A lot of people don’t really understand exactly how this season happened,” said Hedrick, who was awarded the overall yield winner and 1st place winner of the Central Region at the 33rd Annual NC Commodities Conference, hosted by the Corn Growers Association of North Carolina, on Thursday, January 12, 2023.

Dedication to his fields and the growing crops is essential to Hedrick’s success. “I would say that we cover every acre of corn at least every fourth day,” he said. “As a farmer, the visual indicators of getting out in that field, seeing the crop conditions, weed pressure, insect pressure, disease pressure, and really being able to see that with your own eyes, make all the difference. I don’t think all farmers truly understand that doing a lot of your own agronomy work is some of the best return on investment for us, versus having just standard scouting done by others. I know other farmers do this too, but we just think that ultimately, we can make better management decisions and get a better return on investment, so we do a lot of field walking.”

Hedrick met AgVenture High Plains owner Nick Vos in 2017 at No-Till On the Plains, when Vos had just begun selling AgVenture corn, soybean, and sorghum products. “He told me about a 118-day variety that they had tried down in Oklahoma and it really piqued our interest in AgVenture.”

Wesley Bowen, a friend of Hedrick’s, sells AgVenture products for Sweetwater Creek Seeds, and introduced him to Hardison and his business. “Working with Clif and Brooks, it’s been fun for me as a farmer,” Hedrick said. “If we see agronomy packages that we like in certain varieties, they’ve already done plot work on it and are one step ahead of us. They can come back to us with information and we can fit another variety into our operation.”

AV9916AM™ field. Photo courtesy of Russell Hedrick

A first-generation farmer in Hickory, NC, Hedrick utilizes up-and-coming technologies and practices on his operation to optimize nutrient management. “There’s not just one thing, but we definitely spoon feed our crop along. Typically on 90 percent of our corn acres, we’ll make a minimum of two passes on our corn acres. On contest plots, it’s not uncommon to run six or seven passes and spoon feed that crop along when it needs it, really pushing for these maximum yields.”

AV9916AM ear

AV9916AM™ ear. Photo courtesy of Russell Hedrick

“There’s so many things that we’ve learned from so many different people and tried them out, it really took us four-to-five years to find that sweet spot to see a return on these practices that we’re using.”

A 116-day hybrid with the Optimum® AcreMax® trait, AV9916AM™ is a full season yield leader with very good drought tolerance, and above average root and stalk strength.

“AgVenture brand AV9916AM™ has shown exceptional yield response to management practices implemented through our Maximum Profit System™,” said AgVenture Product Portfolio Manager Darren Bakken. “Our most recent hybrid advancement classes, which include products like AV9916AM™, continue raising the bar for yield and agronomic performance in the field.”

Warren Hardy showing off his top place award

Warren Hardy. Photo courtesy of Sweetwater Creek Seeds Inc

Another Sweetwater Creek Seeds customer, Warren Hardy from Seven Springs, NC, recorded a third-place overall finish in the state contest with AV9916AM™ recording a yield of 291.50 bushels per acre. Hardy’s yield was the winner of the Southern Coastal Plain region.

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