Seeds for Success

By Jeff Shaner
AgVenture Regional Product Manager

eggs photo by Jeff Shaner

Let me begin with a disclaimer: I have no financial interest in commerce involving chicken eggs.

Yet I am a tad choosey about the eggs I eat. Those factory farm eggs have such flimsy shells and such pale yolks. I prefer the eggs my buddy provides for me: firm shells, dark rich yolks. Those aren’t the only benefits. In studies proven many times over, homegrown eggs can give you these compared to the competition:

  • 25% more vitamin E
  • 75% more Beta Carotene
  • 20 times more Omega-3 fatty acids
  • Half the cholesterol

I’m in!  Give me those pretty and tasty local creations.

AgVenture seed quality Indiana Crop Improvement Association

Photo courtesy of Wehmeyer Seed

AgVenture Independent Seed Company (ISC) owners are just as choosy about not only the genetics involved in the corn hybrids you purchase from them but also those individual components that serve to make one lot of seed superior to another.

How about instead of vitamins and fatty acids, you could observe (as I have) your ISC paying attention to abnormals, cold tests, and other independent samplings of seed quality that affect your potential productivity on the farm.

Two questions would be relevant now to answer.

  1. Does it matter?
  2. Does it matter if it matters?

The answer to #1 is…absolutely!  The difference between the quality of two lots of seed of the same hybrid (both of which meet industry standards for commercial sale to the farmer) can exceed 12 bushels per acre in final yield*.  That is HUGE!

AgVenture Maximum Profit System Production Cost ProfitabilityIf both lots of seed meet industry standards, question #2 comes into play. Your AgVenture Independent Seed Company has the power to reject a seed lot that doesn’t meet THEIR standards. AgVenture standards are higher than what the industry requires, and they are determined through multiple factors, not simply the warm germ.

This is just one way we at AgVenture help push your Average Production History ever upward.

Hey, while you’re in town today, pick yourself up a dozen eggs.

*Results of multi-year, multi-location AgVenture blind testing data.

If you would like to learn more about how you can thrive by becoming an ISC, let us know.

Hear what farmers are saying

“I use AgVenture because of their excellent products, service, and agronomic support. When we need something they respond quickly. I can’t think of any reason why we wouldn’t use AgVenture. AgVenture stressed the importance of new technology on our farm and is helping us maximize our yield maps, soil grid maps, and fertilizer application data. I do business with AgVenture because they are very trustworthy and service oriented.”

- Kansas Farmer

“We’ve had the AgVenture Spangler 'Training Plots' for several years. The plots help us in our corn and soybean selections. For 3 generations, we have been using AgVenture Spangler products.”

- Wisconsin Farmer

“I consider everyone at AgVenture a friend and I can tell that they are really looking out for me and my farming operation. AgVenture is an easy company to work with and you cannot beat the service. When I have questions about my crops I call AgVenture and they are here right away helping me find the answer.”

- Kansas Farmer

“An AgVenture Yield Specialist showed me what my yields could be with AgVenture seed and I thought they were impossible because they were so good.”

- Nebraska Farmer