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When talking soybeans these days, all the attention seems to fall on the latest weed control technologies like Enlist E3® soybeans. But it’s important to remember that even the best-yielding varieties with the newest traits can be compromised when phytophthora enters the picture.

Pathotypes, Distribution, and Metalaxyl Sensitivity of Phytophthora sojae from North Dakota – B.D. Nelson et al.
Pathotype diversity of Phytophthora sojae in Eleven states in the United States – A. E. Dorrance et al.

Phytophthora is the number one yield-robbing disease in soybeans, and pressures are increasing. A survey of soybean-growing states found a high proportion of isolates with virulence to Rps1c and Rps1k phytophthora genes. This means planting varieties resistant to these races may not be enough to keep phytophthora at bay. As we’ve seen with weed pressures, resistance can develop, and the best approach to combat it has to be multi-pronged, incorporating genetics, traits and seed treatments.

To help protect the seed varieties you offer – including those with strong agronomic profiles against phytophthora – Corteva Agriscience offers Lumisena® fungicide seed treatment, specifically developed to combat phytophthora. Lumisena is one component of LumiGEN® seed treatments, available through your local Independent Seed Company on behalf of AgVenture, Inc., and the Security Seed Protection System™.

Lumisena fungicide seed treatmentLumisena offers best-in-class protection against phytophthora through a new and unique mode of action which helps prevent resistance. Lumisena also demonstrates a yield advantage compared to seed treated with metalaxyl, which has traditionally been the seed treatment of choice for phytophthora.

In head-to-head comparisons with metalaxyl, Lumisena-treated soybeans showed a yield advantage as high as 4.0 bu/A. Lumisena out-performed metalaxyl in ten soybean-producing states, including high-pressure areas.

Lumisena seed treatment vs Metalaxyl

Plant on left: Roots protected by Lumisena fungicide seed treatment drive through the diseased disk and remain healthy.
Plant on right: Roots protected by metalaxyl die or are severely injured upon contact with diseased disk.

Lumisena forms a foundation for protecting soybeans. As part of the LumiGEN seed treatments recipe, Lumisena is combined with other effective ingredients to provide more complete protection and get seeds off to the strongest start. The LumiGEN offering for soybeans also includes:

EverGol® Energy: Protects against pythium, rhizoctonia and fusarium

Gaucho®: Protects against multiple insects

L-2030R: Biological treatment that promotes root growth, nodulation and nutrient uptake

For customers considering the latest in soybean trait technologies, including Enlist E3 soybeans, Lumisena can help protect their investment in seed, especially in areas experiencing increased phytophthora pressure and potential resistance. Together with trait technology, seed treatments like Lumisena and the proprietary recipes of LumiGEN seed treatments give farmers another way to help soybeans reach their potential from planting to harvest.

Click to visit our seed treatment page for more information on AgVenture’s Security Seed Protection System, powered by LumiGEN seed treatments.

Lumisena® fungicide seed treatment yield advantage over phytophthora rate of metalaxyl

Lumisena fungicide seed treatment yield advantage over phytophthora rate of metalaxyl

* Data is based on 638 head-to-head comparisons between Lumisena fungicide seed treatment (0.568 fl oz/cwt) and metalaxyl (0.75 fl oz/cwt) in the top 10 soybean-producing states through Dec. 12, 2017. Comparisons were made utilizing the same soybean variety. DO NOT USE THIS OR ANY OTHER DATA FROM A LIMITED NUMBER OF TRIALS AS A SIGNIFICANT FACTOR IN PRODUCT SELECTION.
™ ® Corteva Agriscience, Enlist, Enlist E3, the Enlist logos, LumiGEN and Lumisena are trademarks of Corteva Agriscience and its affiliated companies.
The transgenic soybean event in Enlist E3® soybeans is jointly developed and owned by Dow AgroSciences LLC and M.S. Technologies L.L.C. Components of LumiGEN® seed treatments are applied at a Corteva Agriscience production facility, or by an independent sales representative of Corteva Agriscience or its affiliates. Not all sales representatives offer treatment services, and costs and other charges may vary. See your sales representative for details. Seed applied technologies exclusive to Corteva Agriscience and its affiliates.
EverGol® and Gaucho® are registered trademarks of Bayer.




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